Godly-Identities in the Family

Creation is one of the beautiful lessons of our God ordained image and likeness (Genesis 1:26).

In today’s culture we quickly lose sight of that Godly-identity as we grow up and start trying to “fit in” with our peers. Because of the fall sin entered the world so now we must remind ourselves Who we live for and what that means for how we live. Let’s have these conversations with our children early and often. Let’s think about how we can cultivate a home atmosphere that involves the love of Jesus not the love of material beauty or facets like our culture tries to tell us.

Let’s have these conversations with our children early and often.

The first two weeks of the curriculum was over creation itself and then specifically the creation of man. We talked about the truth of God’s decision to design us deriving from the sole fact of wanting us. He didn’t need us. That’s a beautiful and powerful position of identity. We talked about the power in God himself, that all He needed was His voice to create. And He did so with a very specific purpose and plan.

There are different activities you can do with your family to help them understand and know this part of God’s story; and there are different influences you can put in place to help implement a God-designed and loved identity within your family culture.

One of the activities we did with the older kids, is the scavenger hunt from our Out of Sync Life. Due to possible food allergies we switched the items to non-food items. We also ended up breaking the classroom in to two teams, dividing the room in half, and had them race to find all of the pieces. They had a great time!

The original scavenger hunt with food would be something easy to play within your own house. Maybe have some of the kid’s friends over and expand on the game/props! This is a great game to help them memorize and learn the days of creation.

If you have younger kids, another option to learn creation is a sensory bin. This is extremely helpful for children that enjoy doing things with their hands and/or typically doesn’t like to sit still to learn.

Another hands on creative activity is a paper plate craft from It Happens in a Blink. This would be a good afternoon craft idea that would help them understand the order of creation.

A second option for those active kids is this simon-says-like game from Captivating Kids for Christ. This game has a lot of potential. You could take this outside and create “spaces” for the kids to run to when the number is called, you could come up with “actions” they must perform to represent that day’s creation, etc. Maybe even throw some treats in there?!

Those are a few ideas that will hopefully help you take the lesson home to continue learning. Majority of these activities are to help guide them in understanding and knowing the days of creation. Within activities like these there is room for the parent to guide the conversation towards the beauty and truth behind those specific actions. The games give you as the adult an exciting way to focus in on the why (God wanted us) behind the what (the physical animal, sky, etc).

The other aspect I mentioned was different ways to help you cultivate a God-identity within your family. What I mean by this is guiding your children to tune in to their God-given purpose within their gender and within their personal skills/gifts. This does not mean telling your children this way or that way, it means using specific verbiage and explanations when playing games, teaching, etc. One of my favorite articles that explains this is from Desiring God called, Training Heart Identities in Boys and Girls.This article will help you in guiding those conversations during games and throughout your daily life.

I pray these resources encourage you and help you in loving your kids with a gospel mindset! Let’s learn together what it looks like to parent and teach with the love of Christ as our foundation.