Pointing Kids to King Jesus

Every church has a mission statement.

Every business, group, or team does as well. Maybe you’ve even developed one for your family? My husband and I created a form of one for our marriage. We wrote down what we promise to fight for, and therefore what we want our family to look like or stand for. To invite you a little more in to what I mean by that, the mission for our marriage is to: fight for servanthood (strive in out-serving one another), self-sacrificial (live for the other’s pursuit of the Lord), unconditional (love within the scriptures), and parenting (raise and create a Godly home).

This list might sound vague but talking through our priorities and expectations going in to marriage through this exercise we believe set us up for a strong foundation in communicating.

We want to cultivate an environment and community centered around the gospel and show our kid’s what praising Jesus means and looks like

The reason we, as well as businesses and teams, do the same thing is so that everyone knows what to expect and what the goal is.

Our goal at the King’s Church is to point our children to King Jesus. We want to cultivate an environment and community centered around the gospel and show our kid’s what praising Jesus means and looks like. That is the mission. That is the prayer.

We are striving to do that through a few different ways:


We remind our teachers and team that our priority is loving the kids. We want them to walk in to Sunday morning knowing that they are surrounded by friends and family that want them there and can’t wait to see them. We want that to trickle over outside of Sunday. We want the family to continue feeling the love from this community in any way we can.


Our curriculum was chosen because of its gospel-centered foundation. It guides us in catering the bible to age groups as well as crafts and activities that help stimulate their thinking. We want them to enjoy learning the scriptures, and not as if it is just “what they are supposed to do.”


We, as a ministry and church, want to be here for all forms of support. We want to walk alongside the parents as well as the kids. We want to be here as a source of grace, “me too’s”, and biblical support. That’s why this blog exists. To further walk alongside your family!

So, as we launch this blog and this community, I wanted to start by brining you in to our mission and provide you with some quick community favorites regarding resources for you as parents:

Grace Based Discipline

The 5 Love Languages of Children

The Ministry of Motherhood

Don’t Make me Count to Three

As a challenge to you:

I want to challenge you in sitting down with your family- whether that means yourself, you and your spouse, you and the kids, or you, the spouse and kids- and make a mission statement. Decide what you want to fight for. Pick a part what specific callings God has led you to as a family and talk about it. I am sure it will shed light on hearts and bring about a renewing!

You can find more info on what this might look like a long with a printable if you are crafty like that, here!