The King’s Church is a church in Lakeland, Florida that was planted in September of 2018. The King’s Church started as a vision, dream, and prayer for a small group of people living in the Lakeland area. Aletheia Tampa, our sending church, maintains a vision to see those who do not know Jesus come to salvation in him primarily through planting new local churches all across the Tampa and Central Florida area. After four years of faithful membership to Aletheia, a team of members living in Lakeland were commissioned and sent out as the launch team for The King’s Church in the fall of 2018.



We believe that the Lakeland area is home to many great local churches. Why are we planting another church in this context?


Biblically and strategically, church planting is the most effective way to reach the lost, unchurched and de-churched of a particular area. It is estimated that somewhere around 80% of people who live in Lakeland and the greater Lakeland area are not connected to any local church. Therefore, The King’s Church seeks to connect and minister primarily to those who are not yet Christians and to those who do not belong to another local church.

Furthermore, we hope to be involved in supporting many new churches being established and planted in our city and county. This means that we do not view other local churches as competition, but rather seek to partner with them in seeing the lost in our city come to be saved by Jesus. We believe that Lakeland needs as many faithful, missional, and engaged local churches who are committed to declaring and displaying the good news of the gospel as possible.